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Bramwood Forest Inc. was established August 1st, 1990; and is a family owned, and operated, industrial lumber company.

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Profit 500

After 30+ years, Bramwood Forest Inc. continues to strengthen its position as “The Industrial Choice”. We maintain our focus on servicing manufacturers, and industries, that require packaging and crating goods.

We are strategically located in Toronto, Canada. Our manufacturing facility sits on over 6 acres of building & land. As well, Bramwood Forest Inc. utilises another 4 plants near the greater Toronto area, for a total of over 40 acres.

Bramwood Forest Inc. is committed to not only achieving our goals, but exceeding them. Our goals are:


Total Customer Satisfaction


Providing & Delivering "Value Added" Products


Collaborate with Customers on Solutions to Enhance their Operations


Exceeding Customer Requirements / Needs


Successful Relationships with Customers & Vendors, Allowing All Parties to Prosper

The success of any company requires strong relationships with their suppliers. To maintain the high standards of our products we must base all our purchases on quality, price, and supplier reliability.

With many years of building strong partnerships with our suppliers we benefit with better than competitive costs, allowing us to forward these cost savings on to our customers.

Bramwood Forest Inc. is a proud member of the following associations:


Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association


Ontario Forest Industries Association


Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Registered Facility

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Bramwood Forest Inc

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Phone: 416-747-7244

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Toll Free Phone: 1-888-594-9663
Fax Number: 416-747-8576

Email: [email protected]
Mailing Address: 38 Taber Road, Toronto, Ontario  M9W 3A8

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